SUICIDE, think before you act !


If you want to commit suicide, I cannot change your thoughts. But… do realise that you are fleeing for something. You want to leave the situation you are in now. You may think: when I’m dead, I am released from all the suffering. But then I say to you: I’m almost certain that you won’t be released from all your sorrow!! …. You may believe that your life ends when you die, that is true for you, but… there are living billions of people who truly believe that life doesn’t stop when you die. Nobody can prove that your thoughts and feelings, your wishes and responsibilities will end when you die. It’s just a guess of yours. Of course you hope that your soul – your feeling, thinking and wanting – will stop existing when you have taken your life away. But there is a big chance that your soul, with your own characteristics, your talents and ideas, will live on. I am convinced that, if you are feeling dreadful, you will feel much more dreadful after you have killed yourself. Take this from me, because I have done a lot of research and read many books about this over the past 15 years. The fact that your life does not end when you die, is proved by books about near-death-experiences, that are written by scientists. Are you interested? I would recommend you to go to a nearby library and take some time reading that sort of books. Than you can read that those people, who have had near-death-experiences, started to believe in a future, a life beyond death and in a life on earth that is actually useful. They want to understand and learn to accept their fate, and they even see it as a challenge to discover the positive side of things. These people also point out that they wanted to do more with their lives after the near-death-experiences, and that they would never commit suicide. Some of them now think their lives are valuable gifts, which they have to use with caution. Others see it as a special possibility to learn something on earth. And all of this in spite of the difficulties people come across with in life (many people with a near-death-experience have just survived a severe car crash or a heavy operation, so they often have physical damage with a lot of pain, restrictions and rehabilitation struggles). Apart from that, there are more things that explain that life goes on after death. In nature, nothing suddenly stops, but evolves in stages. And from Natural Sciences we know that energy (our spirit is also a kind of energy) will never be lost, but continues in another form. For example, a star dies, implodes, and its energy lives on in another heavenly body. And also the vibration-energy from a ray of light will be converted into warmth at a certain moment. There are more phenomena’s of nature which – when we dare to make comparisons – explain that our life-energy won’t just disappear into nothing when our life on earth ends. By the way, the book that has convinced myself to never ever commit suicide is called: Cycle of the Soul, written by Jozef Rulof. I recommend it to anyone who is seriously interested in reliable information about life after death. This book reads just as easily as a novel. Every human being has got troubles in his or her life. Sometimes there is a lot of sorrow that you want to flee from. But running away from your problems does not solve anything, but sometimes fleeing is the best way to deal with an issue. Don’t get me wrong though: temporarely fleeing I meant. But committing suicide isn’t temporarely, but something permanental, something you can never undo. Besides that, the person who is planning on killing himself only thinks that he flees to a better situation than his present one. But that is a wrong guess. That person will end up just as bad as he was before. But he realises that after he has committed suicide, and then it’s too late. He will possibly think: I should have thought about the possibillity of souls living on after the dying of bodies before. Dear reader, I truly believe you when you say you’re in a lot of trouble. But believe me when I say that there is help for that. Don’t give up and try to find that help! But, when you have been through all this trouble finding help but you haven’t found it yet, please wait another 24 hours to think and read this text again, before you commit suicide. And if you don’t want to take time to think, do it for the mother who has given life to you.










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